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Announcing Our 3rd Annual

Emerging Composer Competition

Emerging Composer Competition

It is our goal to build connections with rising composers and provide a platform for young musicians to combine their values and social principles with their creative process. 

DEADLINE: Submissions due April 1, 2023 before 11:59pm

Click Below for Submission Details & Guidelines Included in Application 

Meet the PAST winners

Congratulations to the winners of ACP's Emerging Composer Competition!

A special thanks to all of our applicants for their obvious passion and commitment to thoughtful music-making!

2nd edition

Charlie Carroll Headshot (1).jpg

Charlie Carroll

Anruo Cheng (1).jpg

Anruo Cheng

Zach Gulaboff Davis.jpg

Zach G. Davis

Jane Kozhevnikova-headshot (1).jpg

Jane Kozhevnikova

Daniel De Togni .jpg

Daniel De Togni


Minato Sakamoto

Juan Calderon

Keaton Garrett

Steven Crino

Marcus Norris

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